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Who to Turn to When Selling to a DSO

Insight from Dr. Alex A. Giannini Currently, there are a variety of private equity companies aggressively moving into the dental support/service organization (DSO) sector, as well as long established DSOs who are expanding their footprint. With this exponential...

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What Dentists Really Think Of DSOs (A Survey)

There is no denying DSOs are growing at rapid rate. What is not clear is how this will affect the industry and how long this growth will continue. As someone who has been in dentistry almost 30 years, as both a private practitioner and one involved on the business...

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The Attack On DSOs

It is no secret that there is an attack on DSOs.  Take a look at dental message boards, watch what some state dental boards are doing, and look at some of the dental companies that now provide “solutions” to help dentists compete against “corporate” dentistry. Why the...

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DSO And Dental Group Practice Vocabulary 101

When navigating the world of dental business models, you will encounter terminology and acronyms which are new, vague, and confusing.  Let’s define and explain common verbiage used in the DSO and dental group practice space. Corporate Dentistry The term “corporate...

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