The former Schulman Study Group has just announced that it has re-formed as a Dental Support Organization (DSO).  Formally known as SSG Management, LLC, and informally as “SG,” the organization is independently owned by its members. Each member orthodontist has an equal share in the innovative LLC. Its members are among the top 2% of orthodontic specialists who practice in the United States. Collectively, the 134 SG members have 282 practice locations and annual revenues of $400 million.

The organization is guided by its unique “success through sharing” philosophy. Geographically based, and with a commitment to excellence in patient care, each member is an equal shareholder in the DSO and contracts for non-clinical services to create efficiencies and cost savings for his/her independently owned practice.

As a DSO, SSG  Management LLC uses its collective purchasing power to provide shareholders with competitive pricing and services through preferred supplier agreements and non-clinical practice management solutions.

In making the change from a study group to a DSO, SG is positioning itself to offer additional benefits, including competitive pricing on c-suite level practice services, to a greater number of members. As well, manufacturers, consultants and service providers in the orthodontic/dental space can be actively involved with SG.

Dr. Robert J. Bray

“Becoming a DSO elevates SG, enabling ‘next level’ solutions for clinicians and their practice management needs. We were founded more than 30 years ago on the principle of ‘success through sharing.’ Our members navigate an ever-changing marketplace through the exchange of real-world clinical experience and practice management expertise. Sharing begets success.” – Robert James Bray, DDS, MS, President & CEO, SSG Management

In the spirit of continued support of the specialty of orthodontics, Dr. Bray, who practices in New Jersey notes that each SG member is asked to become a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAOF) Keystone Society. Individuals who include the AAOF in their estate plans are considered Keystone Society members.

Dr. Bray leads the SG Board of Directors, comprised of eight orthodontists who practice throughout the United States.

Kirsten Romani, DMD

“Deep-rooted relationships form the core of SG,” says Kirsten Romani, DMD, Chair of the organization’s New Members Committee, and who practices in Rhode Island. “We value our professional relationships. We value our friendships. SG members forge lasting bonds.” Dr. Romani also appreciates the robust professional development resources that come with membership in SG. “The combined wisdom of this organization’s accomplished members is an asset found nowhere else. Sharing our insights puts us on the path to success today. And the advantages of operating as a DSO prepare us for tomorrow’s changes.”

Christy Fortney, DDS, a Board member from Southern California adds, “There is so much expertise in this group. Going from a good practice to the ‘next level’ – a fantastic practice – can be realized because SG members truly apply the ‘success through sharing’ philosophy. The group has your back.”

SG recently launched its new website, It provides information for orthodontists who are interested in becoming members along with a convenient online application. In addition, companies wishing to offer their products and services to SG-member orthodontists can learn about the Preferred Supplier Program and meeting sponsorship opportunities.

In its role as a dental support organization, SG will consider business opportunities to aid the organization’s growth. Prospective areas of interest may include investment in expanding orthodontic practices, along with investment in the buying and selling of orthodontic practices.

“As an orthodontist, if you want to go fast, you can go it alone. But if you want to go far in your practice – know the trends, apply the data, keep up with best practices – go with SG membership,” Dr. Bray advises. “We consider SG the single best peer-to-peer resource there is for orthodontists who want to take their practices to what they envision as their ‘next level.’ Members’ success is SG’s strength. Now, positioned as a DSO, and with planned growth of our paramount resource, our members, we can only grow stronger.”

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