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Pioneering a new culture of dentistry.
Pioneers don’t blaze a trail because they can, they do it because they must. They honor their long-held desires to change their lives for the better, leaving behind a blue print for the next generation to find. Once we realize what we are capable of, we must find a way to unlock and realize that potential.

Our group philosophy is simple. Our want to pioneer a new culture in dentistry starts with bringing good people into our group. It is not enough to simply put our like-minds in the same room. We are committed to providing the ultimate freedom, individuality, to those who want to do the right thing for the patient, and for each other.

We empower those with the right goal in mind, who would otherwise go it alone, by providing them with a strong group of individuals for focus and support. We use proven methods in administration that we have learned over a decade’s time, paired with growth initiatives that will guide us to where we are going, to pioneer a future in dentistry that we all want to be a part of.

Affiliate Information

Partnership is a term we hear a lot in modern dentistry. After all, it is a powerful word that implies the absence of hierarchy in the workplace. It is always trying to grab your attention.

Let us clear the muddied waters. With us you should know that partnership means that we always put the partner first. Our partners are our guiding light and the foundation for every strategy.

Partnership includes the joining of a doctor to our Professional Dental Alliance, and, also often includes the joining of a private practice to our group. If you own a practice, please inquire with our development team to see if you qualify to learn more.

Affiliate Your Private Practice
We have no financing contingencies, use a staff-retention model, and offer an unmatched degree of flexibility in the purchase agreement. Typically, we look for practices in our current markets that generate 750k in revenue or more with at least four operatories.

If you are looking to become a partner, affiliating your private practice to NADG is usually the first step you will need to take. However, affiliating your practice does not necessitate a partnership. The choice is yours.

Here are just a few points about our model:

We help you manage the business functions of your office which allows you to truly practice dentistry; you continue to make all the clinical decisions.
We offer competitive pricing on general and specialty practices, and our valuations are complimentary – no strings attached.
Our partners often choose us because of our philosophy – we realize that one size does not fit all.

Whether you’re looking to sell, partner, or merge your practice, we can offer you a structure custom-tailored to meet your needs.

At Your Service
Any doctor can put the patient first, but we ensure that our doctors do so without the extra work of having to manage a business.

Each affiliate practice in our group is liberated from the work of operating a complex dental office alone. With well over 100 affiliates, all that work has had to end up somewhere. That is where the different bodies of the resource center come together to work in orchestration. Our singular goal is to provide support for all of our practices.

We always work closely with the clinical staff and patients at each practice. We provide them with consistent and professional service to enable everyone else to truly focus on the patient.

Career Information

Dentist Opportunities

Let’s Put The Patient First Together
The United States has some of the highest standards in oral hygiene in world history. Yet, there are still issues for our doctors. American dentists are far too likely to spend their careers overleveraged by student loans and continuing education costs.

We understand that your goal is to put the patient first. but that is not always so easy. When reality clashes with this goal in dentistry, it can be an unbecoming result for the doctor.

We want to put the patient first, together, with you. We realize that this cannot happen unless a doctor and their clinical team is first taken care of. NADG offers to take care of all the essential business administration tasks, and even offers clear paths to a healthier financial outcome for our doctors. Let’s take the energy you once focused on these two things, and focus it back on the patient in your chair.

Dentist career opportunities – Click HERE

Professional Opportunities

Careers can be like a workout routine. They are hard to get started. We would like to break the ice by letting you know that we are hiring, and that we are likely to have a broad range of opportunities available as we grow. Our group has an extensive responsibility to manage and support well over 100 dental practices across the NADG network, and no one practice is the same. We need dedicated clinical and administrative people at the local level in each practice. We also need people to help our centralized resource center serve our group. No matter what you do or where you work, everyone has an equal importance in our group. We look forward to getting to know each other.

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