Frontline Dental Implant Specialists

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Frontline Dental Implant Specialists (FDIS) is the first Dental Implant Partnership Network (DIPN) of its kind. Frontline values your autonomy and understands that it’s your name on the door, so your legacy comes first. No renaming your practice. No broken promises – just a focus on growth and supporting your high-quality patient care. Partnering with Frontline provides you with expert support and guidance, giving you more control over your destiny and allowing you to elevate your growth.

Affiliate Information

Grow Legacy.  Compound Your Value.
Join the world’s first Dental Implant Partnership Network (DIPN) and reach new heights while maintaining control over your own destiny. Backed by Leon Capital group, Frontline is comprised of a partnership of the industry’s top dental implant specialists, oral surgeons, and practices.
Frontline Advantage
  • Genuinely builds business together through partnership
  • Network of support design exclusively for dental implant practices
  • Export support that understands the nuts and bolts of implant practices from labs to operations to marketing and more
  • Same brand name, now with a network of support
  • 100% clinical autonomy
  • Frontline Institute – learn from industry leaders through our mentorship program
  • Your office receives enhanced practice management & CRM
  • True partner, direct, honest discussions focused on growth though technology, efficiency, and marketing

Career Information

Together we change lives (yours and those of your patients)

Frontline is the world’s first Dental Implant Partnership Network (DIPN). This is where the most elite talents gather together, committing to the values that lead to great work and life-changing impacts.
Join a team and inspire life changes.
  • Opportunity to work with and learn from the very best in the industry while growing your skillset
  • Clinical support and business support team members have access to cross-functional training and career growth
  • Market and industry competitive pay for all clinical support and business support team members
  • We provide training and support your growth within the team by offering opportunities with more responsibility and pay
  • Enhanced benefits package includes comprehensive health care, 401k, and flexible paid time off

Frontline Dental Implant Specialists

3500 Maple Ave.
Suite 1150 Dallas, Texas 75219

Company Contact

Bryan Geisler


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