Cornerstone Dental Specialties

Company Description

Cornerstone Dental Specialties set out over 22 years ago to answer these questions; “How do we deliver Endodontic services through a unique platform that is simple, better, and faster? How can a Practice serve its associates, its referrals, and most important, their mutual patients more effectively?” The answer was combining state of the art technology, collaborative treatment planning methods, improved communication, and state of the art equipment, along with algorithms honed by dozens of talented Endodontists over 100’s of thousands of cases into a Mobile Platform.

Cornerstone Dental Specialties brings the Surgical Dental Specialist to the General Dentists office. This allows the patient the comfort of going to a location they know and interact with staff they already trust.

To continue with “Old” methods that left many referrals feeling out of the loop, and left patients falling into “Black Holes” shuffling back and forth from Referral to Endodontist back to Referral, in a seemly endless loop, is just not efficient in this modern day. Currently Cornerstone Dental Specialties services over 200 locations in 4 states; California, Texas, Colorado, and Minnesota. With 28 Endodontists and support staff, Cornerstone currently performs over 40,000 Root Canal Treatments a year. We provide everything the Endodontist needs to create great clinical outcomes; high quality instruments, files, products and Global Microscopes. We also utilize Nomad digital X-ray technology to enhance the patient experience and increase efficiency.

Our unique business model allows DSO’s and private practitioners the ability to capture revenue, while keeping their patients inside their practice. Allowing for greater continuity of care and a massive increase in communication between clinicians.

Career Information

“Your Practice…Our Platform”

Cornerstone is always looking for talented career minded Endodontists who want to have their own practice, but not the administrative headaches or the financial burden of increased debt. By leveraging your Endodontic training and our 22 years of experience, our clinicians experience the freedom to practice Endodontics the way they wish but are fully supported everyday by our unique and proprietary platform.

While we serve four states now; California, Texas, Colorado, and Minnesota; we are constantly expanding. Some of our future locations include, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and Washington State.

As a mobile platform, our Endodontists enjoy the diversity of engaging with their referrals face to face serving in their offices. Communication is increased which reduces stress and allows for more complete treatment planning. The referring General Dentist enjoys it as well, because they get to interface directly with the patient and often can complete the treatment that same day.

Our team consists of Endodontists from all walks of life. What most of them enjoy about this career choice is the work life balance it affords. Some of our clinicians prefer to work 18 days a month, while others work 10. Some have private practices, while others only work with Cornerstone Dental Specialties. We even have a few that sold their private practice to join fulltime.

The second thing we often hear is the mentorship and collegial aspects of working in a large group. While you are independent to practice as you see fit, you are surrounded by like-minded peers that are just seconds away on our proprietary HIPA secured App via Text, Chat, or e-mail, and of course by phone. Share radiographs, inter-oral photos and chart notes instantly for feedback or advice.

In addition, our App allows the clinician to review their upcoming schedule instantly anywhere in the world, as well as, access our extensive knowledge library to read articles, watch videos, or review a myriad of content all from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also order your supplies right on the App. Lastly, behind this tool lies an extensive data base, so you can monitor any critical statistics, clinical or business all in real time. We often get asked about our supplies. Cornerstone works with leading suppliers like Global Microscopes, Nomad X-ray unit, Morita handpieces, and top tier disposable product vendors.

Cornerstone is structured as a Partnership. We have 6 owner Dentists that serve as our clinical board as well, so the company is clinically lead. We will periodically open up partnership opportunities as we grow, giving our associates the opportunity to own part of our unique specialty DSO.

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