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Advance Dentistry is here to “Bring Comfortable Dentistry To Everyone.

When it comes to visiting the dentist’s office, there’s a lot of fear out there. That not only creates a negative experience for patients, it leads toward an unnecessarily challenging, uphill battle for dental professionals as well.

By integrating a full suite of anesthesia options, along with the most advanced techniques & technologies, our team is evolving the way that patients – AND dental professionals – experience dentistry.

Affiliate Information

Through the roof.
Our dentists earn well beyond the national average – not only for associate G.P. dentists, but for owner G.P. dentists as well.

A well-calibrated, well-run environment (complete with well-trained support staff) allows our dentists to dedicate their attention to their clinical skills and delivering exceptional patient care.

Creating observable, tangible, real-life goodness in the lives of patients – all while growing as a clinician and generating remarkable earnings? That’s the dream.

For general dentists, the career-development path that Advance Dentistry presents is, simply put… unparalleled.

The strength of the Advance Dentistry offering is rooted in the uniqueness of its clinical approach. Let’s look at that setup as a “stepped” process:

  • The way that we approach dentistry – example: the integration of I.V. sedation – creates a framework where our teams can actually DO more dentistry in each appointment.
  • That is, of course, a very real benefit to our patients. Individuals are getting multiple years’ worth of dental work completed in a low number of appointments – often in a single visit.
  • The benefit is equally real for our dentists. Providing a real solution to patients’ very-real dental needs creates an ecosystem where office schedules are filled with high-case-average appointments. Day after day after day.
  • Yes, our dentists make truly remarkable money.
  • But they do so while delivering incredible dentistry to patients who are actively seeking (and genuinely appreciative of) their services.

Earnings. Focus. Fulfillment.
The dream.

Career Information

We believe that when our team members feel valued, they create more valuable experiences for our patients. We want each team member to feel secure, confident, and present enough to do their best work.

That’s why our compensation packages include:

  • competitive rates + creative bonus structures
  • great benefits + 401(k)
  • tuition support for continuing education + career-advancement studies
  • more

 From the nuts & bolts that make our daily workflow a smooth experience,
to the
#NoFearDentist mission that unites us
(and the sense of community that keeps us coming back every day) …

We think that being a member of the Advance Dentistry team is pretty special.

  • Searching for a great organization filled with inspiring people dedicated to a worthwhile mission?
  • Looking to attain the next level in your dental career?
  • Simply following your passion?

If you’re interested in evolving your professional life while creating a truly positive impact in the lives of patients (& the world)… you just might be in the right place.

Advance Dentistry / Vesper Alliance

5729 Dragon Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227


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Joy Cooper


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