Richard Dawson

GDN recently published an article by Richard Dawson, a third year dental student at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona titled, “‘Dear DSO, We Need to Talk’ – A Candid Letter from a Dental Student.” His wisdom, honesty, and insight were extremely well-received by GDN’s audience of over 26,000.

Dawson runs a website for current and future dental students: Dental School Digest. Dental School Digest is a free online resource for future and current dental students. He created this website with the vision that it will someday serve as a community hub for current and future dental students. His aim is to make Dental School Digest a one-stop shop for everything related to dental school. It has everything from a comprehensive list of dental school tuitions to a forum where student can compare dental school experiences. In fact, he hopes to someday create a resource that enhances the dental school experience for everyone. If you are a dental student who wants to join his community, click HERE or email him.

GDN is honored that Richard Dawson recently published an original GDN article on Dental School Digest, “Do You Want to be a Dentist or a CEO (Chief Everything Officer)? A Quick Guide to DSOs.” GDN’s article can only be found on his site, so click HERE. Thank you, Richard, for the opportunity to educate the next generation of dentists on DSOs and dental group practices!

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