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Select Dental Management currently supports 38 practices in 8 states from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic. Select is affiliated with more than 60 dentists and 500 employees providing care to over 80,000 patients each year.

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Our Patient Centric Partnership model is unique in that we allow our practices to maintain a high level of autonomy to allow the offices to continue to thrive and maintain their culture,” states SDM Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Elliot Zibel. This model of cooperation affords SDM the benefits of 97% employee retention, close to 100% associate retention and the support needed for practices to thrive. Zibel goes on to add “By allowing our practices to continue operating autonomously, with the added support of our experienced regional leadership and corporate teams, and with some efficiencies of scale, we are fortunate to continue to experience profitable growth.

Select Dental Management

25A Vreeland Road
Suite 101 Florham Park, New Jersey 07932

[email protected]

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Elliot Zibel
[email protected]

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