Dr. Andrew Zwers is originally from the small town of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Notre Dame for his undergraduate studies. He moved east for Dental School at Tufts University, where he met his wife, Dr. Diana Tran. Both Dr. Zwers and Dr. Tran currently practice with Metro Dentalcare!

The pair relocated to the Twin Cities so they could be close enough to family, while still enjoying the amenities of city life. Dr. Zwers spends his free time hiking, camping, traveling, golfing, playing guitar and piano, and touring the local microbreweries. One of his favorite trips was hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru with his wife in 2015!

As with many graduating dental students, the responsibility of student loans was at the forefront of his mind. This led him to explore a variety of career options, including joining a private group practice such as Metro. “It’s hard for students to come out of school with $300,000 or more in debt, and then immediately invest another $350,000+ into a practice. For me, I didn’t want to take that extra level of risk. My wife and I also love to travel, so I wanted a career that would allow us to maintain a flexible schedule without being committed to getting a new practice up and running”.

According to a 2016 study by the American Dental Education Association, the amount of student debt owed by graduating dental students has quadrupled since 1990. In the same study, the ADEA reported that more than half of graduating dentists pursue a career in private practice – 23% of which are in a group practice setting as opposed to solo or corporate-owned practices.

“By joining Metro, I was able to start practicing my craft without worrying about overhead or any other responsibilities of running a business. In addition, the group has allowed me to serve on several committees and develop strong leadership skills.” Dr. Zwers currently sits on the Medical Emergency Committee, is a Board Member for the Metro Dentalcare Study Club, and has participated in organizing the annual Bus Tour with students from the University of Minnesota School of Dental Medicine.

“Some students look at solo practice as the ultimate goal, and for some people, that may be the perfect fit. However, an opportunity with a group practice can still provide you with a chance to be a practice owner, but without the extra overhead or administrative responsibilities. Each environment is different, and I’d encourage students to do their research on what kinds of opportunities are available to them before settling on one definitive career path”.

Metro Dentalcare has more than 50 practice locations throughout the Twin Cities. Ownership is available and encouraged to those who are interested, along with many other leadership roles. Through their partnership with American Dental Partners, Metro doctors are able to participate in a four year Leadership Institute, which prepares them to navigate the challenges and responsibilities associated with ownership. The Leadership Institute focuses on developing skills such as problem solving, communication, team building, and more.

“Metro has provided me with a significant amount of personal and professional benefits. I work with some really great people on my team, and am able to focus on being a dentist above all else. Working as part of a group, I have a work life balance that allows me and my wife to continue travelling and doing the things we love”.

For more information about metro Dentalcare, visit www.metro-dentalcare.com
For information on career opportunities with Metro Dentalcare, contact Julie Dunn at JDunn@metro-dentalcare.com. You can also visit www.amdpi.com/careers to view opportunities at all ADPI affiliate group practices.

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