Affinity Dental Management, which started in 2017, is a DSO that provides comprehensive practice management and administrative support services for practices across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. Tracing its roots back to Western Endo, which began in 1999, Affinity’s primary focus is supporting its affiliated practices in their efforts to provide excellent clinical care for patients. Affinity is also committed to providing world-class support services to its practices, which it believes creates the best possible outcome for patients, clinical providers and payers.

A regionally based dental support organization, Affinity focuses on the diverse New England market. As such, they recognize the importance of respecting and embracing organizational culture because they understand the diversity in which their dentists practice. This perspective is deeply rooted in their values.

Why is embracing the differences within their market so important to them? Well aware of the fact that in the next coming decades the number of dentists per capita is set to increase, meaning more competition within the industry is inevitable, Affinity Dental Management works with each practitioner to help shape every phase of their practice and support them as they grow, develop, and gain optimal market penetration. (See figure 1 below.) Their goal is to maximize dentists’ professional goals, helping them build a career with the highest rate of positive paybacks and rewards.

Affinity Dental Management supports 26 general and specialty dental practices, over 180 employees, and 30 doctors, and has a practicing dentist at the helm, Dr. Craig Saltzman, CEO. Recently, MidOcean Partners, a middle market private equity firm focused on consumer and business services, acquired them.

In order to further enhance Affinity’s presence in New England, the DSO has recently added orthodontics to its growing specialty platform and increased its general dentistry platform by expanding into the Boston market. The strategic addition of Rosenberg Orthodontics, which includes four orthodontic offices, further expands their reach in the Connecticut market.

We continue to build one of the region’s leading dental services organizations and believe there is substantial opportunity to leverage Affinity’s growing platform to serve additional practices and facilitate further organic growth within the practices Affinity currently supports.” –Elias Dokas, Managing Director at MidOcean

The DSO continues to build its presence in the Massachusetts market with its recent expansion into Boston and the addition of Newton Centre Dental, which was founded by Dr. Steve Levitt.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Dr. Steve Levitt, who has developed a strong reputation for providing exceptional care to patients. We look forward to adding Newton Centre Dental to the broader Affinity platform to support Steve and his team of doctors in providing high quality dentistry.” -Dr. Craig Saltzman, CEO of Affinity

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Source: ADA, Affinity Dental Management

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